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Multi Day Surfing Rentals


Best Gear

We have a huge rental fleet of boards and suits that are well maintained. We take great pride in offering high quality rental equipment that exceeds expectations.


Best Beaches

We have a beach rental kiosk in the parking lot of Nova Scotia's best sandy surfing beach: Martinique! Drive to the beach, grab your gear and hit the waves without delay.


Best Price

We have the best lesson and rental prices in Nova Scotia. Find something else out there from a legit surf school and we'll match their offering price on similar services.​

Multi-Day Rental Pricing

Prices are subject to HST (tax)

Partial days count as full days. For example, if you pick up gear Friday at 3:00 PM and return it on Saturday at 3:00 PM, we consider that as 2 days of rental.

Rental gear must be collected during normal business hours of 9-5. We require a photo of your license and prepayment for all multi-day rentals.
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