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Surfing Clam Harbour Beach

Another Nova Scotian Treasure...Clam Harbour Beach

Please make advance reservations for our Clam Harbour location.


When you pull into the park, you'll find us setup in the main parking lot. If you're coming to this location for your rental or lesson, you DO NOT need to pickup gear from the shop at Martinique. Your gear will be waiting for you at Clam Harbour.

Please note: There are some days of tiny surf that we aren't able to offer rentals and lessons at this location. If you're prebooked, we will let you know the night before and will usually redirect you to our main location at Martinique Beach, which has larger surf. If you're heading to Clam Harbour without a booking, just text 902-789-5483 to make sure we're there.

Some of the highlights of surfing at Clam Harbour Beach:

  • Located approximately 1-hour from the Halifax/Dartmouth bridges.

  • The easiest waves to surf in Nova Scotia. The waves here are usually small and gentle.

  • Very shallow beach with a gradual drop off. You can surf here in shallow water.

  • Amazing spot for kids, teens and nervous newer surfers.

  • Free parking.

  • Washroom facilities.

  • Uncrowded waves.

  • Gorgeous beach.

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