Men's Hyperflex Long Sleeve 1.5mm Neoprene Shirt


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Sizes XS-3XL


Thickness 1.5MM


Hyperflex’s new Voodoo Tops are made from our new AtomicFoam™ Super Stretch Neoprene and come in several color and cut options. Choose between Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, or Sleeveless, Men or Women’s. Low-profile flatlock seams throughout will feel smooth and prevent rash and chaffing. Critical seam placement for optimal flex and ergonomics. Attach the boardshorts to the waist loop and appreciate the instant SPF 50+ protection from the sun.


  Flatlock Seams
a low-profile seam which offers more comfort and is very flexible which is better suited for warmer water temperature ranges and is a great option for 3/2mm Fullsuits or Springsuits.
  AtomicFoam™ Neoprene
infused with a higher count of molecular air cells achieving a warmer insulation rating for the same thickness and weight.
  Boardshort Loop
elastic strap located on the waste that attaches to boardshort which prevents top from riding up in the surf.

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